Connects Yepp® Maxi Baby Seat with Easyfit Connector to selected Benno® Racks

Compatible with the following Benno Racks: » All Utility Rear Racks (for Carry On/Boost and eJOY Rear Rack)

If you prefer to print these instructions, please download » BABY SEAT ADAPTER (FOR YEPP) – INSTALLATION MANUALpdficon_large

1. MUST BE INSTALLED BY MECHANIC AT AUTHORIZED BENNO DEALER. Line up Adapter with all four predrilled holes in Benno Rack and set in place.

2. Insert included hardware as shown and tighten nuts to 4.9 Nm. DO NOT CHANGE POSITION OR MODIFY ADAPTER OR RACK.

3. Take a short test ride with empty Yepp Baby Seat attached to ensure proper fit and function. MAXIMUM LOAD WEIGHT OF CHILD IS 18KG/40LBS.


The Benno Baby Seat Adapter is specifically designed to connect the Yepp Maxi Baby Seat with Easyfit Connector to selected Benno Racks for Benno Bicycles.

The Adapter is to be installed by a mechanic at an authorized Benno Bike dealership.

Notes to mechanic, see diagram. Use all four predrilled holes in Adapter and Racks. Do not change position or drill new holes. Do not mount Adapter to damaged Racks. Nuts are to be tightened to 4.9 Nm (Newton metre). After installation, take a short test ride with empty Yepp Baby Seat attached in order to check for secure fit and that everything works correctly.

Notes to owner, periodically check to make sure the nuts remain tight as vibrations may loosen the nuts. Regularly check that no parts of the body or clothing come near moving parts on the bicycle such as the spokes or brakes. Always keep at least one hand on the bicycle when a child is in the baby seat to prevent the bike from falling over. Do not rely on kickstands or lean your bike against surfaces when a child is in the baby seat. Child must wear a helmet at all times and must be old enough to sit and hold his or her head up with the helmet on. Take your child and his or her helmet to a pediatrician to see if he or she is old enough and large enough for the baby seat and for advice regarding napping and other issues, which may occur during use.

Maximum load weight of child is 18 KG/40 LBS. For use with one baby seat only. Do not modify the Adapter or Racks as this will void any warranties and/or claims for liability. Always remove the baby seat when transporting the bicycle on a vehicle, as turbulence may cause damage or loosen fittings.